20 Powerful Spells:
Stun your opponent with STUPEFY or disarm them with EXPELLIARMUS, and many, many more

2 Control Schemes:
Touch-Screen: Use your finger to draw shapes on the screen to cast spells
Motion Controls: Draw shapes vertically in the air with your device to cast spells

Intense Dueling Action:
Single Player: Cast spells against three different difficulty levels
Multiplayer Player: Challenge a friend to a duel and cast spells from one device to the other in real-time encounters

Authentic Experience:
From visiting Ollivanders to being Sorted by the Sorting Hat

Practice Makes Perfect:
Tutorial system educates and trains, grading you on your spell casting performance, thus unlocking spells as you go

Monitor Your Ranking:
Keep an eye on your wins, losses and House Cup rankings to be the most skillful wizard in Hogwarts

Share With Your Friends:
Post your Harry Potter: Spells statistics directly to your Facebook page

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