What is Harry Potter: Spells?
Harry Potter: Spells is a game app that transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a magic wand. Once you have received your wand at Ollivanders you are Sorted into one of the four houses at Hogwarts. From there you will be taught how to cast spells. Once you feel that you are ready to duel, challenge others to earn points for your specific house.

What kind of things can you do with Harry Potter: Spells?
You start by learning how to cast all of your spells. Each spell is represented by a specific gesture with your iPhone or iPod touch. There are fourteen spells in the game, which is quite a lot to remember. One of the main features of the app is the ability to duel other people. You can play it single player as well against AI opponents.

When will the game be available?
November 16th, 2009!

Where can I purchase the game?
It will be available for purchase on the iTunes App Store.

What devices does it work on?
Harry Potter: Spells will work on any iPhone or iPod touch with operating system version 3.1 and above. The version of your device can be found by plugging the device into your computer and looking at the appropriate device's Summary Page in iTunes. The application will not work on any other iPod devices.

I keep receiving a “Registration Failed” error message.

If you are receiving this message then you have a problem with your saved game data. Please follow the below steps in order to fix the problem.

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection when you launch the game.
  2. Go to the Options Screen
      • If you are able to access the options screen
        1. Select "Erase Profile"
        2. Follow onscreen instructions
      • If you are unable to access the options screen, you must delete the game from your system and re-download it directly from the App store
        1. To Delete your Game
          1. Hold your finger on the Harry Potter: Spells icon on your device until it starts to shake and a black X appears
          2. Click the black X and select "Delete"
          3. Once deleted, visit the app store (via WiFi) and download Harry Potter: Spells again. This should fix the problem.
          • NOTE – It will not charge you for downloading Harry Potter: Spells again as long as you use the same iTunes account you used to purchase it the first time. Simply click on the price and you will receive the following message "You have already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK"

Unfortunately there is no way to restore your character, our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

What is the difference between the Harry Potter: Spells app and the free Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince app?
There are only 2 official Harry Potter applications available on the app store.
1. HARRY POTTER: SPELLS is an immersive game experience where you become a Hogwarts student. Exclusively available on the iTunes App Store.
2. The free HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE app (available here) allows you to explore film content including bonus clips, wallpapers, behind-the-scenes videos, cast info and more.

What inspired Harry Potter: Spells?
The game was in concept and development for over a year. We wanted to give the player the ability to cast all of your favorite spells from the Harry Potter books and films.

How can I learn to cast a spell?
Simply select “Learn” from the main menu, and you will be guided through the list of spell lessons for learning the exact hand gestures you will need to cast a spell. If you are having trouble you can visit the tutorial section which will give you tips on how to hold the device.

I am still having problems casting spells. HELP!
Players have the best success if they perform the motion slowly and accurately. Placing your thumb on the screen is important as it tells the device when to start recording your hand motion. Once that hand-motion has been performed, finish the spell by taking your thumb off the screen. Please view this Tips (Video).

How do I challenge my friends to a duel?
Both players need to be in the same room and both must have purchased the game. You can only play Multi-Player via Bluetooth or on the same Wi-Fi hotspot. It is not possible to duel though the internet. We recommend players stand within 15 feet of each other. 1. Both players must select “Duel” from the main menu 2. Both players must then select “Multi-Player” 3. Both players must choose the same option – “Nearby”(Bluetooth) or “Online”(WiFi) – Note: If one or both of the devices being used are 1st generation iPhone or iPod touch, you must use the “Online” directions as detailed in option “B” below. a. “Nearby” - Will connect the devices with Bluetooth. This is the recommended method if you have 2nd or 3rd generation devices b. “Online” - Requires that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi hotspot. If Online is not finding the devices we recommend disabling the security on the Wi-Fi network, as some routers may block the connection. 4. Follow onscreen instructions.

What are the hand gestures for each the Spells?
Visit the “Practice” section from the main menu and you will see a Spell Chart in the background. Note: You can also turn this Spell Chart on while duelling by selecting Spell Chart from the pause menu.

Can I record my voice and use it when casting spells?
Yes you can record your voice! Select “Learn” from the main menu. Once you have selected a spell, press the “Record Voice” and follow the onscreen instructions. You can replace all the pre-recorded spell casting voices in the game with your own voice.

How to do I connect to Facebook?
Make sure you are online and select “House Points” from the main menu. Select the share button and enter in your Facebook name and Password. It will prompt you for permission to share your Harry Potter: Spells Profile with the world. Select yes.

Is the game played online?
No. You do not need to be online to play the game or to duel. However, if you wish to share your profile with friends, or to view the global leaderboards, you will need Internet connectivity. Note: It is not possible to duel through the internet.

What if the app keeps crashing?
Please power down and restart the device. This is especially important when you first download or patch an application. As this product is new, infrequent crashes are possible.

How do I remove Harry Potter: Spells application from my iPhone?
Just as with any other iPhone application, simply press and hold the Harry Potter: Spells application icon until it begins to wiggle. Press the "X" in the corner of the icon and confirm deletion in the window that appears.

How do I report a bug or issue?
Please send an email to wirelesscs@wb.com

Who are the people behind Harry Potter: Spells?
Harry Potter: Spells was developed by Mikoishi. It was produced by Nathan Feldman at Warner Bros.

How can I find more information about future Harry Potter iPhone apps and products?
We will be adding an update to the free Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince app that allows you to receive Harry Potter news through your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply download the free app and enable Harry Potter Alerts.

If I am a part of the press, who should I contact to learn more about the game?
All press inquiries regarding this game should be sent to:
Peter Binazeski
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
(818) 977-5701